Incense Rising

(Note: This post may contain affiliate links. You can read our disclosure policy here.)   When you live with a chronic illness you often find yourself feeling useless. You might even begin breaking away from relationships because you feel like you don’t have anything to contribute. In order for you to feel useful and productive […]

Learning to Let Go

Lately I’ve been hit with a reoccurring theme – learning to let go. It began as I read Chapter 10 of the book Choose Joy and continued through reading blog posts by my online friends (Kami’s post) messages from my pastor – the list goes on. It’s as if God’s been bombarding me with this in-your-face kind of […]

When Chronic Illness Leaves You Asking, “Why Me?”

I have a 3 year old grandson named Levi. He’s the joy of my life.   Three is an amazing age. The world is opening up and you begin to see there is a bigger world around you. Far bigger than the toys that once were set in front of you, directly within reach. You’re […]

How To Be Grateful When You Aren’t Feeling It

It’s November. For those of us in the USA that means Thanksgiving. Facebook is flooded right now with people listing things they are thankful for each day. I’ve been adding my own list of gratitudes on facebook and instagram as well. Last year I even wrote 9 reasons I’m thankful for my chronic illness. But when […]