Are You My Neighbor?

The recent political race has left our nation divided. Whether your candidate won or lost – 50% of the nation is with you. With all the turmoil going on I keep going back to the verses with the Golden Rule of loving our neighbor. But who is our neighbor and to what extent do we go to show love?

Learning to Let Go

learning to let go

Lately I’ve been hit with a reoccurring theme – learning to let go. It began as I read Chapter 10 of the book Choose Joy and continued through reading blog posts by my online friends (Kami’s post) messages from my pastor – the list goes on. It’s as if God’s been bombarding me with this in-your-face kind of […]

When “I Get To” Turns Into “I Have To”

What do you do when your “I get to” turns into “I have to”? My husband and I just had this discussion the other day. We were talking about something that I was going to do that evening and I referred to it as an “I have to”. He corrected me by saying it was actually an “I […]

Sometimes I Choose The Cost

I choose the cost, chronic illness

Yes, I’m aware. Yes Im aware of the consequences-sometime I choose the cost! #chronicillness Click To Tweet   Yes.  I’m aware I’m writing this at 2:44 a.m. Yes, I’m aware that someone with a chronic illness has to be sure to get a good night’s sleep. Yes, I’m aware that the longer I’m up the […]