D-Ribose for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

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I get asked all the time if there is one supplement or medication I use that I feel I benefit from the most. The answer: I use D-Ribose for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. My other medications have positively impacted my health; however, D-Ribose has given me the greatest over-all results.

d-ribose for chronic fatigue


What is D-Ribose and how do your cells produce energy?

Each cell of your body has a structure called the mitochondria. It works to produce the energy that your body needs.

D-Ribose is a form of sugar that is produced by your body and used at the core of your cells (mitochondria) to provide energy and recovery from activity.

It’s the key ingredient used by your body to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP works to transfer energy throughout your body.

In a healthy body, D-Ribose is produced adequately by your own body to meet your energy needs.

The energy problem with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

If you think about how an average “healthy” person functions – they will participate in events or activities that drain them of their energy. After a day or two of rest, their body has recuperated and they’re able to continue with life as normal and participate in energy depleting activities again.

In a patient with CFS/Fibro – after they’ve depleted their energy by participating in activities their energy reserve doesn’t replenish. Instead, their energy reserves are exhausted and their body doesn’t recuperate because the mitochondria doesn’t function properly.

They are left with drained energy levels that make them constantly feel like they’ve just completed a marathon.

Quite a few symptoms can be linked to this mitochondria dysfunction, such as:

  • lower levels of neurotransmitters causing brain fog and making the overall thinking processes harder
  • low energy production which results in muscle fatigue and insufficient energy recovery after activities
  • persistent pain
  • lack of energy
  • stiffness

How do you use D-Ribose for chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia?

I was first introduced to D-Ribose by Dr. Teitelbaum’s books Fatigued to Fantastic and The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Solution: The Essential Guide to Overcoming Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, Made Easy!

In the book, he explained his clinical study. Patients diagnosed with CFS and/or Fibromyalgia were given 5 grams of D-Ribose three times a day for three weeks. The powdered supplement was mixed into any beverage or sprinkled on food. (It dissolves clearly and quickly. Taste is barely noticeable – if anything, it’s slightly sweet.)

Patients reported improvements in five categories: sleep, energy, overall well-being, mental clarity and pain intensity. 66% of those in the study reported a 45% increase in their energy and a 30% increase in their overall feeling of well-being.

After the three-week “loading” period was over, patients continued taking 5 grams of d-ribose twice a day to maintain the benefits.

Other studies have been conducted, all with similar results.

My personal experience with D-Ribose.

I have been taking this supplement for quite a few years now. I must admit, I go through times where I’m feeling a bit better and I think I can do without. But, it always catches up with me.

It is now part of my daily supplement regime and I take it twice a day. (In the beginning, I took it three times a day for three weeks for the “loading” period.)


It’s pretty inexpensive and can be found over-the-counter at places like GNC and Vitamin World. I have also ordered it online through Amazon. I’ve used various brands and they’ve all had the same results for me. All the brands I’ve tried contain a 5-gram scoop to help assure a proper dosage amount.

I haven’t had any negative side effects at all. Some people report a mild headache or stomach ache.

WebMD offers a list of patient reviews you could check out.

As far as drug interactions – the only noted one would be with insulin. D-Ribose can lower your blood sugar. You can read WebMD’s list of drug interactions here.


Be sure to talk with your doctor!

Whenever you start a new supplement you should always talk to your doctor first.

He/she can inform you of any side effects or drug interactions you need to be aware of.


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4 thoughts on “D-Ribose for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

  1. Hi Kim, I am happy to say I’ve been following you! (not stalking you, haha). There is so much to learn here. I am new to fibro-myalgia, which was induced by cancer drug-estrogen block Arimidex. So, I have yet another learning experience!
    My God is full of mercy, and I meet Him every morning.
    Would you stop by my newly re-structured blog and tell me how the loading speed is? Thanks!

    • Hi April,
      I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with fibro as a result of your cancer. So much they do to treat us causes issues by itself, but then again, the treatements can be necessary. It’s so tough sometimes.
      I looked at your site – It loads really quick and I even pulled it up on my phone and it loads well on the phone as well and converts to fit the phone nicely. Great job! I’ll be a return visitor. 🙂