Grace Through The Holidays ~ Week 9

Week 9 already!

This is flying by – but then again, doesn’t this time of year always fly by?



Let’s get right to it…

  1. Review your Christmas card list and start writing them out. Just try to think if anyone has moved since we made the list out in week 1.  I thought I share this post from Margaret Feinberg with you. It’s called 5 Tips On How To Write A Christmas Card When You’ve Had A Bad Year. I know some people like to send out newsletters and this gives some very great ideas on how you can word things or where to put your focus so your newsletters don’t make you sound like a cross between Mr. Scrooge and the Grinch.
  1. Review your gift list. Check out how many items you’ve purchased and how many you still need to buy. Try to keep going so you’re not leaving so many gift decisions until later.
  1. If you have more gifts you’re making try to complete one this week. We mentioned this in week 8. It’s better to have one gift completed instead of 10 you’re working on in all different stages and risk not being able to complete any of them in time.
  1. Make sure you have all the supplies you need to make whatever food items you’re in charge of for Christmas gatherings. 
  1. Deck the halls. Well, maybe not the halls but at least get some Christmas decor up to set the mood for the holidays. Don’t put pressure on yourself to set out every piece of holiday decor you own – use just your favorite pieces. The less-is-more mentality will keep your home less cluttered but allow you to enjoy the best and most meaningful items you own. By all means, don’t try to turn your home into a winter wonderland in one day. When you have a moment of energy, take down one of your fall pieces and replace it with your holiday items. Take a picture of your favorite item and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #gracethroughtheholidays. I’d love to see!


While you’re wrapping gifts or writing out Christmas cards this week, listen to this Christmas Concert performed by David Phelps. It will bless your heart and keep your focus on why we’re celebrating to begin with – focused on the birth of our Lord!

I also love this version of Angels We Have Heard On High by acapella group, Home Free. (I absolutely LOVE acapella music!!)




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