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I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.


It’s been a while since I brought you a product review and I’m excited to share this one with you!

PillDrill is a medication management system that will help you track your meds as well as giving you reminders when it’s time to take them. I was excited to try this system, not only for myself but also as the daughter of an elderly mother. I can see the value in having a management system that’s user-friendly for the elderly and can be tracked by the children that have now become caregivers.

PillDrill review med tracking made easy


The System

  • The Hub – the small tracking unit that requires electricity and wifi to operate.
  • Weekly Pill Organizer – two containers for each day of the week that can be removed individually from the organizer base.
  • 12 Scan Tags – they can be individually attached to pill bottles with their adhesive backing or placed in one of the three elastic tag holders (similar to a luggage tag) that will allow you to attach them to most other medication/supplement containers.
  • A Mood Cube – a small square cube that can be scanned to track mood or pain levels.
  • Free Smart Phone App Available To Download – not required for use but can be a great addition and is available for iOS and Android.
PillDrill System

PillDrill System

How It Works

I was surprised how easy it was to get the system set up and ready for use. I chose to download the app and used it to get set up, however, you can also accomplish the setup with your computer through their website. Within a matter of minutes, I had recorded the medications and supplements I take each day along with the number of each pill taken and the times of day for each dose.
When the recorded time arrives for a particular dose the hub beeps to notify you. You can choose from a few different settings for how you’d like to receive your notifications: you can also choose to receive them via the app on your smartphone, email or SMS alert (text message). I chose to have the notifications alert me via the app on my phone since I always have it with me and the hub as well.
You’re also given an option to add people to your account so they will also receive the alerts. I added my husband so we could see how that part of the system worked.
Doses are recorded by scanning the individual pill organizer cups or scan tags on the hub. You are also able to record doses from the app and website by choosing to mark it as completed or skipped.
At any time you and whoever you set up is able to open the app or log in to the website to see that all doses have been taken. Each week you and any other person you’ve chosen to add will be sent an email with an adherence scorecard. This report shows the percentage of scans taken on schedule for each medication as well as the number of scans from each of the 5 choices on the Mood Cube.

The Negatives

  • I did have a few connection issues with my Hub. It disconnected from the wifi a few different times and I had to reconnect via the app or website. I do want to add that our house does have “dead spots” where the connection is iffy. I initially set the system up on my dresser where I keep all my meds but had to move it a few times before I was able to settle on a spot in the kitchen that kept a consistent connection. I’d prefer the system in my room but the Hub is small enough that it hardly takes up any space on a shelf in my kitchen and it’s working fine there.
  • The individual containers for the pills didn’t hold my entire morning dose. I had to tag the other bottles when I would have preferred to have them all in one container since they’re all taken at the same time. This was only true for my morning meds and I do want to add that you can purchase extra weekly organizers to add to your system that would take care of that issue.
  • Wifi is a must. I know, I know – who doesn’t have wifi anymore. Well, my mother for one so I wouldn’t be able to use this without adding wifi connection (and the monthly cost) to her home. But honestly, if I become concerned that she’s missing doses it would be a small price to pay for peace of mind that the system offers.
  • I did mention the elastic strap as a plus for the individual containers, however, one of my containers kept popping out of the strip and I don’t feel they closed quite well enough. I wish the closure was more secure so I could have tossed one or two in my purse if I was going out and about instead of having to take the whole strip or put the meds in a different carrying container.

The Positives

  • The ease of setting up the system was great. A little booklet comes with the system that walks you through it step by step and it was very easy to follow.
  • I’ve never been great at making sure I take my supplements at specific times even though I understand how important it is to do so. Using this system kept me on track and I could clearly see a difference in energy level. I attribute this to the fact that I was taking them every 12 hours, thanks to the alerts, which helped maintain the levels in my blood, instead of just squeezing them in at random times twice a day. It also helped with my sleep because I set a reminder earlier in the evening so when bedtime came around I was already feeling tired – previously I only thought to take it as I was getting ready for bed and would lay awake for a few hours until the meds kicked in.
  • The pill organizer does not have the containers listed as AM and PM for each day. Instead, there is a number 1 and number 2 for each day of the week. This leaves it open for any time of the day and I feel would be less confusing, especially for elderly individuals who may see the AM and PM as a concrete time and not a suggestion. (You are able to purchase extra pill organizers if two containers are not sufficient.)
  • There is an elastic strap around the weekly pill organizer that makes it convenient for travel. Just slide the strap over the top of the containers and your containers won’t pop open and spill.
  • The extra scanning tags and elastic holders were perfect for odd shaped supplement containers and allowed for a wide array of choices for medications and times of dosage since each one can be set up individually. Extra scan tags are available for purchase if the 12 given aren’t enough in conjunction with the weekly pill organizer.
  • There are no monthly connection fees for the system, website login or app.
  • The smartphone app was a huge plus for me. It kept me consistent even when I was away from home by sending the alerts.
  • I try to blame it on brain fog, but I have been known to stand in my bedroom looking at my pills, trying to remember if I took them or not or I’d get engaged in something and time would slip by and a dose or two was missed.  This device solved that problem.
  • The Mood Cube can be used to track various things. I haven’t used it consistently but I can see that if there was a change in my meds it would be very handy to track how they’re working or I could use it to track my pain levels.


Overall my experience with PillDrill was excellent. I understand the cost makes it an investment for most of us but I believe the consistency and peace of mind are worth it.  Learn more about PillDrill by checking out their website here.

Have you heard of PillDrill or purchased one for yourself? I’d love to hear how it works for you!




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