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**I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although Vital Plan’s Restore Program was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.**


Back in June I was given the opportunity to try Vital Plan’s Restore Program.


Few programs are researched and developed by doctors who are patients themselves. For me this is a big deal. We often say doctors don’t seem to understand our struggle because they don’t have our illness. This is not the case with Vital Plan. It has been developed by Dr. Rawls during his own battle with Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia. You can read his story HERE.

Having prescription medications can be necessary in your battle with chronic illness. I am on a number of medications and value their contribution to my health. However, I also believe in the healing properties of foods and herbs. What  Dr. Rawls has developed is a combination of supplements and a whole foods diet that work together to bring relief and healing.

I wish I could tell you this program was the magic pill you could take and instantly find healing. We all know the maintenance of our health isn’t that easy. But Dr Rawls has also addressed this issue.

You don’t just receive a box of pills and a promise of restored health. Dr. Rawls and his team partner with you to take on a complete, comprehensive program for overall health and treatment.

In the Restore Program you receive:

  • A copy of Dr. Rawls book, Suffered Long Enough
  • A 6-month email course
  • Diet guide & Recipes
  • Progress Surveys
  • Three month supply of four proprietary supplements
    • A-Biotic – designed to balance the bacteria in your digestive tract, promote healthy skin and support your immune system
    • Adaptogen Recovery – formulated to support your immune system, metabolic and hormonal balance, increase oxygenation and improve recovery from physical stress
    • Mitochondrial Support – blended antioxidants that support mitochondria’s battle with free radicals and energy production, helps detox the liver
    • Prevention Plus – provides nutrients that strengthen and support your immune and cardiovascular systems, reduce inflammation

My personal experience with the program:

I really enjoyed Dr. Rawls book and the daily email’s that I received. Hearing his experience and journey developing this program taught me quite a bit about my body and the things that affect it. His knowledge of the supplements and herbs is relayed through the emails with an explanation of how they are working to heal the various systems of the body. Knowledge is powerful and puts you in the position of being your own health advocate!

I attacked the program with determination the first month. The most notable changes for me were a decrease in abdominal inflammation and bloat and increase in energy. As a bonus, I also lost 18 pounds in the first three weeks.

The hardest part of the program for me was the diet. Dr Rawls does say that the supplements will increase your health without the diet plan, however, when combined, the two work amazingly well. I kept with the diet for the first month but then fell off with the arrival of out-of-town company and my son’s wedding. (I never saw myself as a stress/emotional eater – but this has shown me that I have a problem in this area I need to address!) I did see continual improvement in my health, but not at the same rate as I did when I was adhering to the diet plan.

At the end of the three months I can honestly say this program has helped!

My energy has increased to the point that it’s been noticed by my husband and kids. Along with the added energy, I have noted a quicker recovery time after activities. I mentioned our out-of-town company and wedding – throughout the visit and activities that occurred during these past three months, not once did I spend a day in bed paying for the previous day. I still had less energy afterward and an increase in pain levels but it was distinctly less than what I normally endure.

As far as my pain levels, I normally spend the first day of my period in bed in tremendous pain. (Sorry if this is TMI!) The first month on the program I didn’t detect any difference. However, the last month I noted less pain and more energy. Also, changes in weather affect my pain drastically. By the third month I had markedly less pain as a storm came through than I normally feel.

My gut health has also improved quite a bit. I lost a few inches in my waist that I see is a direct result of the lack of bloating and healing that’s taken place. My normal issues with IBS have also decreased. Of course, there was even a greater difference while I was maintaining the diet protocol.

The only see two downsides to this program:

  1. 24 pills a day. That’s a lot! I do understand the combination is much more powerful than any one individually. However, if you struggle with taking capsules you may find this difficult. I found that taking them with a smoothie in the morning helped them go down much easier!
  2. The cost. The program starts out around $300 dollars. I had to break it down in my head – it’s roughly $3 a day. I feel you get your money’s worth with all you receive, however, $300 can be hard to come by. I would love to see insurance companies cover natural programs like this but for now, that’s not the case. I would suggest setting aside a few dollars each pay if you’d like to try the program. While you’re waiting for the money to accumulate, take time to check into recipes (Vital Plan has a great Pinterest page with recipes) and begin filling your pantry with healthy food so you’re ready to begin once you’ve raised the money.


Overall I was very pleased with the program. At this point, I’m not going to order the refill kit due to a lack of funds. (Did I mention my son got married. 😉 ) However, I am going to begin setting aside so that I can go through another three months and see if there is further improvements in my health.

So there you have it!

I’d suggest you go to the Vital Plan Website and check it out for yourself. It’s a great program to consider!




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