Hello Fellow Tweeter!

Or Twitterers?? I'm not sure the proper lingo!

For most of us, a doctor visit looks a bit like this: sitting in the waiting room for an hour updating their medical forms for the 80th time, being escorted back to an exam room where we wait another half hour, nurse takes your vitals, and then the doctor finally arrives.

You’ve made the appointment because you have a few things you need to discuss but the doctor leads the discussion. He opens the door, ushers you out of the room and down to the checkout where you pay for your office visit and then out you go.

You make it to your car and realize you didn’t even ask about the few things you were concerned about.

doctor visit preparation


So I came up with an idea! What if we went to our appointment armed with the tools we needed for a productive visit?! These two pages were the answer. Now we can go to our appointments armed with the questions we need answered and an area we can record the details of the visit.

I hope you find it helpful!

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