When You’re Jealous Of Your Healthy Spouse

I recently had the privilege of writing for Julie Ryan on her blog, Counting My Spoons. Julie’s blog was one of the first I discovered when I started my journey with fibromyalgia. I found her writing and her story to be an encouragement by offering tips, information and, most of all, by making me aware that I wasn’t alone! Over the past few years, we’ve developed an online friendship and I hope to get to meet her soon.

Julie is also the founder of Chronic Illness Bloggers which connects businesses to chronic illness bloggers as a way to share products, information, etc. to the chronically ill community. I joined when she first started and I’ve been amazed at the work that’s been accomplished and thankful for the connections I’ve developed as a result, with both businesses and other bloggers.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read the entire post over at her blog and be sure to leave a comment or share it on your social media of choice! Here’s a teaser for ya……

jealous of healthy spouse

Jealousy is a major factor in the break-up of many couples – whether or not one has a chronic illness. Add the difficulty brought on by medical issues and the bond is truly going to be tested. Therefore, it’s a subject that must be addressed if we’re going to have healthy, loving, long-term relationships.

First, realize a certain amount of jealousy is healthy in any marriage. It shows you value the relationship and you’re working to protect it from the rocks and waves life’s going to throw at it.




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